Fire in Diber, situation continues to be problematic in Ulëz
10/08/2017 - 18:23

The administrative unit of Ulëz, in Dibra, continues to be one of the most problematic areas and most at risk of fire.

This morning, a large fire posed a significant risk to local houses. Dozens of hectares of pines were burned as a result of the inferno.

The mountainous terrain made the intervention of firefighters difficult and military forces had to come to aid.

The situation was the same in another area, near Ulza, where some blazes are still active.

Air intervention is expected, as it is the only opportunity to gain control of the situation.

Some Ora News sources said that eight individual fires are still active in Bulqizë and that firefighters and military forces are working to extinguish the flames.

However, the spread of the fire is being favored by strong winds and hence the effort to normalize the situation continues.


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