Erasmus plus, EU ambassador: An opportunity for education and new friends
17/07/2017 - 18:01

The EU Ambassador to our country, Romana Vlahutin, praised the 12 Albanian students who won scholarships offered by the Erasmus Plus program.

Ambassador Vlahutin called the scholarship an excellent opportunity, and an experience that offers new chances; stating, “You are starting one of the greatest experiences by studying in the best European universities, creating new friendships and new relations, which will follow you throughout your life. During the last 30 years, Erasmus has given 9 million people the opportunity to study, to be trained or to get new professional experiences abroad.

9 million is thrice the size of Albania’s population. Imagine how many relationships have been established, how much love, knowledge and excellence has been fostered. Above all, how much Erasmus has changed Europe, as well as our perceptions of Europe, providing the opportunity to become part of this culture and contribute to such a unique European Union”.

The Ambassador announced also that there is a scholarship program for those who want to be part of the Albania’s negotiations’ team for membership into the European Union.
“We are also presenting a new program for Master’s degree scholarships studying about matters related to the European Union. The program will be for those who want to be part of the administration and winners will help negotiate Albania’s membership into the EU”-added Vlahutin.

Erasmus Plus is an initiative of the European Commission for Education, Training, and Employment of the Youth.

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