Electoral reform, DP and SMI support electronic voting and counting
10/01/2017 - 17:55

A year after its establishment, the Ad hoc Commission on Electoral Reform gathered today for the 5th time.

The Commission’s members agreed on the procedure to follow in changing the electoral code.

Political Party experts will draft amendment proposals and then start the discussions about legalizing them.

The Democratic Party members did not withdraw their request for electronic voting and counting for the upcoming elections.

The Democrat co-Chairman of the Commission said that it is possible to apply an electronic system, but there is not much time until the Parliamentary elections of June 18th.

The Democrat request divided the Majority, with the Socialist Movement for Integration members showing support for electronic voting and counting, and asking for OSCE reps to be present.

However, the Socialist Party co-Chairman of the Commission said that electronic voting and counting can only be applied as a pilot project for the June 18 Parliamentary elections.

Political experts in the Ad hoc Commission will gather on Friday to discuss their platforms and present their proposals for the electoral code.

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