Elections in DP, Candidate Selami: I offer a contemporary model
17/07/2017 - 18:03

As the candidate for DP Chairman, Eduard Selami, continues is tour of meetings, he held meetings with the democrats of Berat areas, listening to the concerns of Democratic Party supporters, especially those about the division of the Party.

Mr. Selami emphasized that democratic votes in his favor are the first acts towards the union of the Democratic Party, saying, “If you really want the party to unify, then you should vote for me, and then you will be united. I see a real chance to sign this contract together, because the model I am offering is contemporary. I have always done what I have said.”

Selami, has appeared optimistic after the encouragement of democratic party supporters in the recent days, having had the opportunity to get to know Selami and his vision.

Mr. Selami reiterated his stance that it would be better if Lulzim Basha resigned as DP chairman; he said,
“Resignation would have been an action that would have served him and the Democratic Party. His resignation would have paved the way to free process. Still, it is not too late to resign, consider the candidate in front of him; he is very good and the party will be in good hands.” Selami also called Basha a failed leader who abandons his promises.

“There is a big difference between saying and doing. When you listen to Mr. Basha you say lucky us, but when you see the Democratic Party you say poor us.

Theoretically, he knows how a contemporary democracy functions, but 4 years after his leadership, we are far away from that. Do you know why? Because he did not implement what he promised”-stated Selami, who once again asked for Democratic Party members list to be published, an act which he feels would add confidence to the race, noting it is a practice followed in contemporary parties of the United States and Germany.

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