Election of president, no candidate was presented in the second round
20/04/2017 - 17:57

The second round for the selection of the new president was held today in a plenary session. No candidates were presented, and the third round is scheduled to be held on the upcoming Thursday at 15:00.

Assembly Speaker, Ilir Meta, spoke after the session, declaring that this time is enough to dialogue with the opposition, stating:

“We insist on cooperation, dialogue, and consensus. We believe in a reflection from the opposition. We believe that the opposition wants a president elected with consensus. We hope the opposition participates in the elections”.

Regarding the request of the Socialist Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration sent to the Central Election Commission, the Assembly Speaker declared that the postponement of the deadline to register the coalitions for elections will give time to the Democratic Party and other opposition parties to become a part of the electoral process.

The Assembly Speaker presented his judgment about early elections, considering them to be a non-constructive variant adding:

“Early elections are not a constructive or useful variant. We do not aim to go into early elections. We aim for the inclusion of the opposition in elections and in the process for elections of the new president”.

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