Early elections, Blushi: Rama and Meta are wasting the rounds deliberately
20/04/2017 - 17:55

Speaking in today’s plenary session, MP Ben Blushi accused the Prime Minister and the Assembly Speaker of planning to take the country to early elections.

According to Blushi, the SP and SMI requested to postpone the deadline for enrollment of coalitions in elections in order for the Prime Minister and the Socialist Movement for Integration chairman to negotiate for another agreement between them to form the coalition.

Assembly Speaker, Ilir Meta, responded to MP Blushi, declaring that the majority is giving time to the opposition to return to parliament and to elect a president with consensus, declaring:

“I will not comment on the procedures’ issue, but our will is to avoid a bigger crisis and to give an opportunity to the parties and coalitions to be part of the June 18 elections. Regarding the election of the new president, our aim was not to fail the rounds. We did not present candidates in order to show our will to cooperate with the opposition. Holding the elections together with the opposition is in the interest of everyone”.

MP Blushi also said that the country is going through a deep institutional crisis and destabilization is being risked. Prime Minister Edi Rama replied saying that these statements are an expression of fear from a drowned man who wants to drown everyone.

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