DP does not know how to govern, PM Rama: We tripled the economic aid for the needy
20/03/2017 - 18:26

While speaking at an activity for signing a new State program, titled ‘The Impact of Social Wellbeing’, into effect, Prime Minister Edi Rama, spoke with irony in comparing the Democratic Party.

“If we go to the tent on the boulevard and say go ahead, come and rule the country, by autumn the disabled and the needy will be in streets asking for their rights, rights which we have secured. This will happen, not because they want it so, but because they do not know how to do anything.”-declared the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Rama also noted that going back in time means losing all the hard work the government has made with reforms in employment, the pensions’ package, and economic aid, saying:

“When we came into power, no law existed for the poor. Economic aid had been unfairly distributed for many years. Economic aid had been removed from those who really needed it and it was given to people with mansions. We admit that the economic aid is not enough yet, but it is three times higher than it used to be. Who could have imagined that labor offices would offer jobs. Today we have 26,000 people employed by the labor offices.”

The new Minister of Social Wellfare, Ms. Olta Xhaçka, was also at the activity and expressed her commitment to continue with the reforms, and declared that the Albanian people will show they believe in the left wing party for another mandate come June 18.

‘The Impact of Social Wellbeing’ program is in cooperation with the Swiss government. This new program starts this year, and will last for 8 years.

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