DP chairman’s offer, Basha: Let’s change the Constitution, people to elect the President
21/04/2017 - 18:05

The first two rounds for the election of the new president have been wasted with no candidates presented. The Democratic Party chairman presented an offer to the majority today, asking for a change of the constitution and the election of a president to be elected by people in his proposal he said:

“We should change the constitution. The President is of the people, not of Edi Rama, Ilir Meta or Lulzim Basha. The people should elect the new president. They have invited us to elect the new president together. They said that they have the votes, but they want to elect him together. My offer is this: let the people elect the president”.

On the 63rd day of the opposition’s protest, the DP chairman declared that vetting should be made immediately after a national pact for the establishment of a provisional government has been reached, and gave the assurance that there will not be elections without the opposition.

The DP chairman continued declaring that vetting will be voted on according to the July 22 agreement also accusing the Prime Minister of trying to have control over justice saying:

“Vetting does not need to be postponed until after elections but begin immediately following the national pact for a provisional government which will ensure free and fair elections.”

“Democratic Party and opposition parties are willing to pave way to the Vetting process, implementation of judicial reform in order to start fight against crime, criminals and corruption in high-ranking positions”.

The DP chairman continued expressing his conviction that there will not be elections on June 18, and guaranteed that he will not withdraw from the battle for a provisional government, which according to him will guarantee free and fair elections.

The DP chairman added that there are two ways to solve the crisis, through dialogue or people take their fate into their hands.

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