DP chairman in Gjirokaster, Basha: Rama does not have a plan for the economy
19/06/2017 - 18:23

In continuation of his electoral meetings, Democratic Party chairman, Lulzim Basha met today with Gjirokastra citizens, to whom he presented his economic plan.

According to Basha, Edi Rama has made many promises, and that he is not keeping any of them.
The DP chairman declared that the Prime Minister is not working for the development of the country, declaring:

“When I was in the US I met with powerful investors to explain to them my plan for the economy so that they can and invest in Albania. In our program, there will be lower taxes, reduced oil and energy prices in Albania. Rama does believe in our program for the economy. Rama will increase taxes, and will invest millions for facades. He has no plan to help the Albanian people. He has not kept any of the promises he has made in 4 years and now he is making the same promises as 4 years ago”

The DP chairman added that the vote for number 6 is a vote to increase the economy, to have lower taxes, more jobs, subsidies for the farmers, internships for the youth, economic aid for the needy, and schools with better conditions for children. According to the DP chairman, the Democratic Party’s economic program is similar with the program of the US administration.

During his electoral visit in Përmet, Basha announced to citizens that people would be the New Republic’s priority, their needs and demands not expenses on whims to decorations or to a small number of people close to the Premier.

The DP chairman reiterated that the change between him and the Prime Minister is big, as according to Basha, the Prime Minister wants power for himself while the DP chairman wants to regulate the economy for the Albanian people.

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