DP ACCUSES PM, Alibeaj: PM serves crime, let’s put govt. at citizens’ service
09/01/2017 - 18:10

The Democratic Party accused the Prime Minister again today, of supporting criminal groups.

The Democratic Party’s Director of Security made a statement accusing the government of punishing citizens and favoring criminals, saying –

“Edi Rama offers protection to criminals. There has been an international warrant order for Klement Balili, for 9 months, and it is has not been implemented yet. He is still free and the police do not bother him.

Edi Rama’s State hits defenseless people, like a 22 year old man who committed suicide in prison, after being arrested for a having a hashish cigarette. Meanwhile, the ‘Escobar of the Balkans’ moves freely because he has the protection of Edi Rama.

Criminals can escape the law and police under Edi Rama’s protection. With Edi Rama, the State is incriminated and is serving criminals. Every day Edi Rama stays in power is another bad day for our future. Let’s stop the evil together. Let’s give the government to the people’s service”-declared the Director of the Democratic Party’s Security department.

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