Dereliction of duty, SSA files a lawsuit against officials of Roskovec City Hall
10/08/2017 - 18:33

The State Supreme Audit Commission has filed a lawsuit to prosecute four directors and 2 persons responsible of individual sectors at the Roskovec City Hall.

The SSA accuses the officials of dereliction of duty and determined that the economic damage caused to the state budget by their actions equals 38.2 million lek.

After auditing the City hall of Roskovec, the SSA found violations and irregularities relating to public procurement.

The SSA found that the directors had unfairly rejected tender offers of lower values from companies, instead choosing to accept higher quotations from alternative economic operators.

Through these actions, the cost to the state budget is determined to be a damage of 38.2 million lek.

The State Supreme Audit urges the City Hall of Roskovec to take measures and eliminate such practices that have a severe negative impact on the state budget.




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