Decriminalization, Kavaja’s Former Mayor appeals his dismissal with Const. Court
09/01/2017 - 18:13

Kavaja’s former Mayor, Elvis Roshi, filed a complaint today with the Constitutional Court, for the interruption of his mandate.

His defense lawyer told the media that the Mayor’s request is related to the Council of Minister’s decision to dismiss the Mayor after the Central Election Commission’s decision to remove his mandate.

According to Roshi’s defense lawyer, the government’s decision rejects principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania and of the European Convention of Human Rights.

Along with the dismissal objection, the defense lawyer has also appealed some provisions within the Decriminalization Law, which he states are unconstitutional.

“While the restriction of human rights is allowed according to Article 17 of the Constitution, the law violates fundamental human rights,. The denial of the right to be elected and to elect is the restriction of his rights. We think that in this case, we are in the condition of the unconstitutionality of the law”- declared the defense lawyer for the former Mayor of Kavaja.

The Central Election Commission removed the Mayor’s mandate at the request of the Prosecution General, after finding him in violation of the Decriminalization Law.

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