Deaths from cold weather, a 12-year old boy died playing on the frozen Kashari lake
11/01/2017 - 18:31

A 12-year old boy has died at Kashari Lake in Tirana. The lake, where the boy and his friends were playing, is frozen with the cold weather. Not frozen through, the ice broke open and the boy fell inside, where he drowned.

The diving team went to the lake to search for the 12 year old boy’s body, which has now been recovered.

The boy’s 15 year old sister, who was also playing with her brother, risked her life but she was saved.


In Fier, a 40 year old man died at the water reservoir which is frozen. As he tried to walk on the frozen reservoir, the ice broke apart, resulting in his death.


Meanwhile, a man from Pogradec has died from the cold. Sources within the Pogradec police say that the 40 year old man did have heating in the house, but he is believed to have died from hypothermia due to the low weather temperatures.

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