Corruption, Three tax inspectors arrested for passive corruption
22/07/2017 - 17:55

Three specialists of Tirana’s tax directory were arrested for passive corruption and dereliction of duty.

Their arrest was made after the owner of a business in Kavaje denounced them via the portal set up by the Prime Minister for the citizens.

The tax specialists had received 40,000 lek in bribes from the business owner.

Following an operation called “TND”, police arrested two inspectors for the implementation of tax investigation and a specialist at the directory of investigation in the tax directory.

Tirana’s police director advised that Police are investigating whether the tax inspectors have made other similar abuses of power in their duties.

The state police call on all business owners to denounce abusive behavior of state employees.

The state police went on to give assurance to the citizens that they will react swiftly and provide support to any person who is a victim of dereliction of duty by state employees.

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