Confindustria’s administrator: Gas price has increased
07/01/2017 - 17:50

The recent cold days have increased citizens’ interest in gas heating. The Administrator of Confindustria says that the state should prepare a moratorium for the gas excise. According to him, the increased gas price after imposing the tax is directly affecting the citizens and that the Albanian state does not have the right mechanisms to balance the market.

He believes the gas excise, at 8 lek per liter, has increased the price and this is a burden for citizens.

The Confindustria’s Administrator says that businesses are imposing higher prices and that the State does not have the necessary mechanisms to balance the price.

According to him, the Competition Authority, which is the responsible institution to monitor pricing, is not functional.


Albanian lawmakers ensured citizens that they would not be affected by the gas excise and that gas prices would not increase for those who use it for cooking or heating. Also, the lawmakers declared that the taxed gas for vehicles would be sold separately from untaxed gas for citizens.  Ora news footage show citizens filling gas cylinders at gas stations.


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