Communism files, Former Director of State Archive: Many files have disappeared
28/01/2017 - 17:52

Only a few days before the communism files are to be publicized, the former Director of the State Archives declared that a considerable number of files are missing, specifically the files for the period between the fall of Berlin wall until 1992.

In an exclusive interview for Ora news, the former Director of the State Archive said that only a few communism period files are there now, compared to the high volume of files belonging to that period.

According to the former Director, opening all the files will be a difficulty, as the Authority will have to deal with thousands of written pages, however he considers opening the communism files as a process our country delayed too long.

Furthermore, the former Director showed that 1 in 3 citizens, during those times, had a file prepared by the former security service. The authority for opening the files began its work, opening the first file on January 25th, and it will be publicized on February 10th.

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