Cold weather, PM Rama: Well coordinated work by state structures
10/01/2017 - 18:03

Prime Minister Edi Rama gathered the Operational Emergency Office to discuss the situation arising from the freezing temperatures that have swept all of Albania and the measures being taken to face the circumstances.

Prime Minister Rama said that the situation is under control and according to him; this is thanks to State authorities which have shown high commitment and have responded with efficacy to this situation.

“I want to thank the Minister of Transport, who has been heading every operation in the field. Also, I want to thank the Power Distribution employees, who are working in difficult weather conditions, and are also using an outdated power network in rural areas, where we have not invested yet.

A special thanks to the armed forces, who are working with high responsibility. The Ministry of Agriculture’s commitment has been great since before this situation. All the members of the Emergency Services are doing a great job which has had positive results so far. The track record right now is very positive. All the information coming in speaks of efficacy in management of the situation. The flu situation is also improving, which is reflected in the dropping number of visits to hospitals and health centers,” the Prime Minister said.

The Minister of Transport highlighted the need for an in depth analysis of the companies hired to maintain the roads, which have not seen proper results in some areas.

The Minister of Energy said there is no possible risk of flooding, as the temperatures will continue to be low.

The Minister of Health explained that closing the schools and kindergartens was not done because of the necessary conditions to handle the cold were lacking, but rather to avoid further spreading the flu virus.

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