Cold weather, Low temperatures, with snow and icy roads
09/01/2017 - 18:20

Cold weather and low temperatures continue all around the country, reaching down to subzero temperatures.
Icy roads and many blocked roads continue to be problematic and drivers are urged to drive carefully in order to avoid road accidents.

There is still ice at on the Shkodër-Hani i Hotit road, the only road that connects Albania with Europe, and salt has finally been spread after the critiques of the Civil Emergencies Director and of Shkodra’s Prefect.
Shkodra city roads are also experiencing ice; though the highest presence of ice is in Koplik, where police are patrolling to monitor the situation.

In Mirditë, snow accumulation has reached up to a meter, and citizens say they are having electricity and heating problems.

Five Mirdita villages are blocked in due to heavy snow and the citizens are waiting for better weather in order to get out of the isolation.

Meanwhile, the situation at the National Road has improved and drivers don’t need tire chains right now. Also, the situation has improved in some areas of Kukës, where snow plows continue to move snow off the roads and spread salt to alleviate icy conditions.

In Kukës, temperatures continue to be subfreezing, and City Hall has asked for the Ministry of Interior and the Civil Emergencies’ continued support in providing food for citizens and clearing snow from the roads.

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