Civil Emergencies inform about problematic roads
07/01/2017 - 17:41

Civil Emergency Services reports problems in several road axes in the country due to snow and icy roads.

According to Civil Emergency Services, roads in Kukës, Has, and Tropoja are passable only with tire chains, and snow blowers are working to clear snow from the National Road.

The Civil Emergency Services also reports that a considerable part of the Administrative Units in these areas are without electricity, especially in the Kukës and Has areas, but also reported that energy distribution operator employees are working to repair the damaged lines caused by snow and wind.

The people’s health condition is another concern during these bitterly cold days, especially in areas that are isolated because of snow. The Civil Emergency Services reported that a woman from Tropoja, who was having health issues, was able to be transported to Bajram Curri’s Regional hospital where she received medical attention.

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