CEC substitutes former MPs Selami and Tahiri
06/01/2017 - 18:03

The Central Election Commission has ordered the substitutions for the MPs Dashamir Tahiri and Shkëlqim Selami, whose mandates were removed at the Prosecution’s request, for violating the Decriminalization Law.
In today’s meeting, the Central Election Commission gave the mandate of the Socialist Movement for Integration MP, Shkelqim Selami, to the next MP on the list, Flamur Çelaj; and the mandate of the Democratic Party’s MP, Dashamir Tahiri, was given to Edmond Zejno, an MP of the Party for Justice, Integrity and Unity.
There are three scenarios that may happen at the end of the Court’s decision; 1-the Court may leave the CEC’s decision in power; 2- if the Court rules in favor of two former MPs, their mandates will be returned; and 3- there is the possibility that the former MPs will continue to receive their salary until the mandate of this Parliament ends, even though their replacements will exert the duty.

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