Biodiversity day, Minister Koka: Environmental education is a challenge
31/05/2016 - 17:57

In the last 10 years, Albania has lost 15% of the green areas and many rare species are not coming back to our country.

Official statistics were made public by the Minister of Environment, on May 22, the International Day of Biodiversity, who considered the moratorium on hunting and forestry to be a drastic but necessary measure. The Minister said that the cessation will have a positive effect if it is applied.

The Minister of Environment declared that environmental education is a common challenge of society, state institutions and the education system.

“Albania can become a competitive country with other European countries. We can have biodiversity, with the fauna and flora that nature has already given to us, but we should preserve it”-said the Minister

The Coordinator of the United Nations Agencies in Albania appealed for the protection of wildlife through participation in the global initiative BIOBLITZ which will start in Tirana, and then be extended to 61 municipalities of the country. These messages were given from the Faculty of Natural Sciences Botanical Park which is used for scientific research.  The Park, with around 850 rare plants, is visited by 3,500 people per year. However, off camera the botanical park’s executives pointed out that the park currently suffers from a lack of funds.

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