Attorney general accuses state police, Llalla: Narcotics is destroyed without prosecutor’s presence
21/04/2017 - 17:59

Minister of Justice Petrit Vasili went to the Attorney General today to submit the recommendations of the Albanian government for criminal policies.
The Minister prioritized the cooperation between the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General, which was the main request for the Attorney General, who accused the state police of violating the law by not informing the prosecution about the way police manage and destroy seized narcotics.

The Attorney General raised his concern on cannabis cultivation in the country and its low discovery rate. Mr. Llalla also stated that the state police break the law by destroying the narcotics without the presence of prosecutors, declaring:

“They publicize data for the seizure of considerable amounts of narcotics on a daily basis. Narcotics are destroyed but prosecutors are not included in the process of how it is managed, seized and destroyed”.

The Attorney General added that an investigation should be launched anytime narcotics are destroyed illegally, asking that the culprits be held responsible.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Justice submitted the recommendations for the criminal policy, highlighting the cooperation between institutions. The Minister said that personal problems should not affect work, and if they do, the prosecutors would be better to resign.

Minister Vasili cited the importance of guaranteeing the independence of The Prosecution office and all prosecutors, fight against organized crime, narcotics-trafficking, and corruption.

The Minister added that it is necessary to introduce specialized methods of investigation to harden the fight against organized crime.

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