Air quality, European environmental agency publicized its report for 2016
17/07/2017 - 18:00

The European Environmental Agency has publicized its report on the Air Quality in Europe for 2016, publicizing the scary figures regarding the number of deaths due to air pollution in our country.

According to the report, 2,120 people died in 2016; all but 110 of them being victim to high concentrations of fine particles in the air. 10 people are reported to have died of nitrogen dioxide concentration and 100 people due to ozone concentration.

Compared with the figures in 2013, with 776 people reported to have died of air pollution, this year’s figure is almost triple.

Regionally speaking, the situation is alarming in Serbia, where almost 11,000 people died because of air pollution in 2016. Montenegro holds the most positive record in the region, with only 660 deaths caused by air pollution according to the Air Quality Report.

The report notes that the air quality in Europe exceeds the values set by the European Union, and is expected to continue to until 2020, despite a slight improvement over the period ranging from 2006 to 2014.

The European Environmental Agency advises that efforts should increase to reduce the concentration value of harmful particles to values below the levels set by the European Union.

According to this report, efficient policies for increasing air quality require action and cooperation not only at regional or continental levels, but at global levels, which should especially affect the economic sectors and involve the public.

The European Environmental Agency calls this cooperation important and necessary to achieve a protection of natural capital and support for economic, social, and welfare development, all points which are part of the European Union’s vision for 2050 for good living within the boundaries of the planet.

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