Durres Prosecution transfers the case to Tirana’s Prosecution
06/01/2017 - 18:07

The Durres Prosecution claims that dereliction of duty by Durres judges resulted in the liberation of Lulzim Berisha, the former member of the Durres crime gang.

Being unable to investigate judges from the same city, the Durres Prosecution transferred the case of Lulzim Berisha to Tirana’s Prosecution.

Based on Durres Prosecution recommendations, Tirana’s Prosecution will verify the Durres Court rulings made over the last two years, which reduced Lulzim Berisha’s sentence several times.

Lulzim Berisha was liberated several days ago by the Durres’ Appellate Court, which set him free on parole.

Meanwhile, the Durres Prosecution launched an immediate investigation into the judicial and administrative practices followed resulting in Lulzim Berisha’s liberation.

The decision of the Durres Appellate Court has also been sent to the Supreme Court.



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