31 days of protesting, DP Chairman calls the PM to resign as soon as possible
20/03/2017 - 18:34

On its 31st day of protest, the Opposition expressed its conviction in the success of its cause, that a provisional government will be established, with the DP Chairman asking the Prime Minister to resign before it’s too late.

From the protesters’ tent, the DP Chairman declared, “The truth is simple; there has never been a European movement like this since 1990. We will not hold façade elections. Do yourself a favor, be smart, and resign. Pave way for the creation of a provisional government and for free and fair elections. Citizens will then determine what will happen.”

The DP Chairman added that the Opposition’s protest will be peaceful, excluding any radicalization of stances: “These people here are missionaries of peace, because we want your removal to be made with the least cost possible for the Albanian people. We are here as patriots, as democrats. There is no problem. We will stay here longer. In fact, we like staying here. With our determination and a peaceful resistance here, we will ensure not only free and fair elections, but also the real parameters of a European country, ready for EU integration. We will do this service.”

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