Prime Minister Edi Rama said he would raise funds for innovative youth projects related to agriculture.

Rama said the money would go to those who have ideas, not the young people who expect work from the state while staying in a coffee bar..

"The money will be allocated to those young people with innovative ideas and the will to realize the projects" said Edi Rama.

The prime minister also said that the government will financially support those farmers who work together by promoting joint production.

"We absolutely support farmers working together" said Edi Rama.

In this panel, the head of Tirana's Chamber of Commerce, Nikolin Jaka said that it is important to the industry that financing schemes are appropriate and accessible to farmers.

"The funding scheme should be calculated fairly and accurately" said Nikolin Jaka.

At the "Albania Works The Land" fair, the Prime Minister said that the government will work harder for agriculture by boosting agricultural development in next year's budget.