Women and girls who have played an important role in Albanian diplomacy have joined the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs for Women's Day this 8 March.

Present at the activity, former MP Majlinda Bregu did not hesitate to unveil her platform as a candidate for the Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council and to seek the support of foreign diplomats.

"I do not believe that Minister Bushati has called me just as a representative of the opposition, where I continue to be, but also for the position I applied for.

"For the first time I see an effort not only from the Albanian state, but from all Albanians, to support not only a woman who is running for an important position, but to give her what she deserves," said Majlinda Bregu.

Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati sees Bregu's candidacy for Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council as a big achievement for an Albanian woman and the prudence of state institutions.

"Support for Bregu is not a political bargain. There is no expansion of the coalition, but there is a maturity on the part of Albanian society to support a career woman," said Ditmir Bushati.

For Dutch Ambassador more attention is needed for women given the situation that 1 in 3 suffer from being violated.

Meanwhile, women and girls marched from Skanderbeg Square towards the Presidency to protest for their rights.

The Alliance for Labor Laws called on employers and institutions to avoid job abuses.

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