A statement was made today declaring that the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta was not previously informed of the vote Albania would give to the UN regarding the resolution that annulled Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

When asked by Ora News, the spokesman for the Head of State, Tedi Blushi, said that the President of the Republic had not been consulted despite this being such an important matter.

 "The President of the Republic was not consulted nor informed in advance regarding the position to be taken on this important issue. This is a decision not only for Albania's foreign policy, but for the entire Albanian nation." said Tedi Blushi.

 The President, according to the spokesman, evaluates this position of voting against the US as totally unnecessary, not in reflectionof the stance of the state, and even more, a nationwide non-consensus.


"We should not forget that the US remains the most important strategic ally and partner and, as such, attitudes and decisions for relative policies should be well co-ordinated.

"The Albanian people and nation will never forget tobe grateful for the historic decisions by the US regarding the vital existence of our nations and the Euro-Atlantic future of Albania and Kosovo." said Tedi Blushi.

 The UN overturned the decision of the American President, Donald Trump to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel yesterday with 128 votes.

Albania was one of the nations that voted against the US in the vote held by the UN.

The President of America had earlier warned that the US would cut all funding to all the countries that voted for the UN resolution, declaring that the position of these countries would be duly noted.

The Foreign Ministry clarified Albania's vote, saying the position was aligned with that of the European Union.

Three countries from the region chose to abstainfrom the voting process at the UN.

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