The Committee of Civil Emergency Co-ordination and Management has reported recent figures on the situation caused by the floods, where it has said that the situation has been stabilized.

Despite the significant improvement, the Vjosa River still remains a concern as inflwos have kept water at a critical level, while the only "red" areas on the map remain the areas of Fier and Vlora.

"In general, the risk has passed. Only Vlora and Fieri remain problematic" said the committee.

The Prime Minister's Security Adviser, Sander Lleshi also reported on search and rescue operations.

"There are 590 families that have been evacuated. 4715 flats and 41 businesses have been damaged" said Lleshi.

Lleshi also said that the process of identifying the significance of the damages has started, with the intent to intervene on repairs.

"Damage to infrastructure is also being assessed" said Sander Lleshi.

The Prime Minister's Security Adviser said the first stage of coping with the emergency is now considered to be complete and, according to him, there is no present danger to the citizens in any of the problematic areas.