The civil service monitoring commissioner has submitted to the Parliament the monitoring report for 11 Ministries, the Prime Minister's Office and 39 Municipalities, including former Communes.

In the assessment of the recruitment process as well as the merging of institutions due to government reform, the commissioner has detected incidences of violations in appointments made.

During the review the employment process was verified for 2803 appointments to positions within the civil service.

Of these, 1964 cases were found to be in accordance with the requirements of the law, however 839 appointments were deemed "irregular" and found not to have respected the recruitment procedures.

In the instances of irregular appointments, the person responsible must regulate the employment relationship, starting with the immediate termination of the employment relationship and renewed announcement of the vacancy.

However, the trend of movement within the civil service system, either transferring into roles at the same level of the hierarchy or promotion, continues to grow.

This can be seen as an indicator of increased confidence in the civil servants.

Meanwhile, 33 disciplinary measures have been taken by the Institute of Discipline in the Civil Service, with 3 cases relating to very serious violations with the perpetrators being removed from the civil service.

Through 2017, 91 complaints from employees were submitted to the Commission and 88 cases the institutions have implemented the decisions made by the commissioner.

Regarding the cases of non-enforcement of the decisions, they have mainly been found in local administration relate to the cancellation of illegal appointments.

The report underlined that, during the past year, an application process was foreseen for 1072 executive, middle-level and entry-level job positions, however this process was not applied for 591 vacancies.