The Minister of Interior, Famtir Xhafaj has been closely observing the situation caused by heavy rainfall, resulting in flooding on the Tirane-Durrës highway, in the area of Kashar.

Xhafaj has been listening attentively to the problems of the citizens, while promising maximum engagement by the government in coping with the situation.

The citizens complained to Xhafaj, noting that the police, firefighters and other state institutions were not responding to them.

"We suffer from flooding every year" said one particular citizen.

Despite the citizen complaints of government inaction, Xhafaj promised compensation for damages caused by floods.

"The entire country remains on alert. We will endeavor to identify all the damages and ensure appropriate compensation is received where appropriate," said Fatmir Xhafaj.

The State Police have set up free tow trucks to move cars blocked across the highway, while urging people to pay attention to assist in coping with the situation.

After having looked closely at the situation in Kashar, the Minister of Interior Xhafaj also asked for media co-operation in dealing with the situation.