December is considered as the month of solidarity for all those who want to donate clothes or toys to children in need.

The initiative from the Tirana Municipality has already become a tradition, with people in need even being catered to with warm meals.

“Tirana really has 1 million problems, but there are also 1 million opportunities to show solidarity, and to be collaborative and helpful.

“My colleagues have placed bins throughout Tirana so that those families that have toys they no longer use can recycle them.

“If someone has 5 toys, he can give away 2. 

“Whether you have toys or clothes to put in these yellow bins set up by the Municipality, we will clean them, repair them and then provide them for use to a family in need, such as those in rural areas of Tirana, in our social institutions, children's homes, emergency centers or the social housing in Shkozë,” explained Erion Veliaj.

“We at least want these children this December not to feel unequal” said Veliaj.

Mayor Veliaj addressed this invitation to all citizens who want to help the people in need.

Meanwhile, in the public spaces and in the social centers administrated by the Municipality of Tirana there will be points where all the in needy groups can consume a warm meal.