As the local elections decreed for June 30 are approaching, foreign diplomats positioned in Albania have begun intensifying their stances towards the local political climate.

The Ambassador of Austria points out that it is now time to start dialogue. He even reminded leaders that violence is unacceptable and in the end, they will be responsible for the situations created.

After five national opposition protests, and a challenging stance by Prime Minister Edi Rama, the Austrian Ambassador to Albania, Johann Sattler, says that now is the time for political dialogue.

From Patos, the diplomat was clear in his message to Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha, stressing that this is also the expectation of the Albanian people.

“Citizens always have the right to protest, however violence is something that we absolutely condemn.

“It is time for the parties to extend their hand to each other. After five protests, now is the time for political dialogue. This is what Albanians are expecting, so that dialogue can work,” said Sattler.

Referring to the call of the Catholic bishops to stop the rhetoric of violence and hate, Ambassador Sattler reminded the political class that, in the end, the responsibility will fall on them.

“I have seen a statement from the Catholic bishops and I encourage politicians to look at this statement in detail. It was addressed to the leaders of the country - the head of government and the opposition chair.

“The message said to stop the rhetoric of violence and hate because hate brings hate. The rhetoric must change. The representatives are here to help, but the responsibility falls on the political actors in the country,” said Ambassador Sattler.

The statement comes just one day after Prime Minister Rama invited Basha for dialogue, but not for negotiations, and even refused the offer for the presence of internationals.