The beginning of the tourist season has prompted the tax authorities into action, conducting checks of businesses operating along the coast. 

The General Tax Directorate has warned all businesses to comply with legal obligations, emphasizing the issuance of tax receipts, displaying prices and registering all employees. 

They reiterated that those found in violation of the law will face penalties. 

In instances where tax receipts are not issued, the subjects risk a minimum fine of 50 000 lekë. Serial offenders face having the business activity blocked altogether. 

Regarding registration of employees, whether they be part-time or full-time, a fine of 200,000 lekë will be issued for undeclared employees of big businesses and 50,000 lekë for a small business. 

Another aspect that will be in focus of the operation is ensuring product prices are visibly displayed in an effort to curb any abuses in pricing differently for tourists. 

If it is found that the prices are not displayed in a visible place a fine of 50,000 lekë is applicable for small businesses and 100,000 lekë for larger businesses. 

If a business is found to be unregistered altogether, the Administration will notify them to submit to the National Business Center, otherwise they will be penalized by having their products seized.