Head of the Swiss Embassy's Mission, Philipp Keller, has called for anti-flooding projects, and guaranteed funding for them, during a meeting with the mayor of Lezha, Fran Frrokaj.

 Citing the fact that Lezha is one of the risky areas, Keller said that investing in this direction would be provide greater protection against floods and natural disasters.

"The main purpose is protecting the city and residents from disasters and floods.

"You are a part of our future plans, so we expect projects to provide solutions to these problems" said Keller.

Mayor Frrokaj said that the municipality of Lezha in financial difficulties following the floods as the City Hall was unprepared as a result of the Territorial Reform.

Lezha has some areas confirmed as endangered by floods, so preventive interventions are certainly necessary.

/Ora News.tv/