The country currently has 36,000 job openings for positions in public administration, with appropriate candidates being sought after across the country.

The number of job vacancies was confirmed by Prime Minister Edi Rama, during a meeting with 300 young people who are employed in private business.

According to Rama, vacancies are currently available for a wide range of positions, each requiring a different skill set and performance in different categories.

"Today, we currently seek 36 thousand hardworking employees for our current position vacancies" said Edi Rama.

The Prime Minister also took a moment to ward that companies cannot avoid state tax obligations, suggesting that he is aware of more than 800 companies who work with two sets of account balances.

"We will implement aggressive programs to promote employment" said Edi Rama.

Pointing to reforms in education and public services, Rama said they are getting results.

However, he guaranteed that the government has drafted a special program to support employment.