Frosty conditions that followed recent snowfalls began on Monday afternoon in Northeastern regions have caused difficulties in mountainous areas.

In the Dibra district, some villaged are experiencing road blockages, while the snow totals measure up to 50 centimeters at Doda Castle, in Trebisht, and at Ostren in Bulqizë.

But all National roads are reported to remain open.

In Korça - Dardha, accumulated snowfall reached 25 centimeters and Police have called upon drivers to proceed on the roads with chains.

Meanwhile, the Road Police are positioned near problematic axes and are not allowing vehicles to move without chains.

The patrols are located along the Korça -Dardha axis where traffic flow is higher and also along the axis of Korça - Qafa e Qarrit.

Several Southern districts suffer from a lack of energy. In the district of Shkodra, the tourist area of Thethi is blocked in Bogë.

38 vehicles and 64 workers were deployed to open the streets in Kukës due to significant snowfall.

The snowfall in Kukës is measures 5 cm, while in Krumë it is 7 cm, and in Bajram Curri 10 cm.

There are no chains required for the National road, however, 13 snow-cleaners and 2 snow plows have been deployed to clear the way for drivers.

According to the forecasts, snowfall will continue into Tuesday in the region's mountainous and hilly areas.

Both the Police and the Albanian Road Authority have recommend drivers to be cautious due to slippery conditions and black ice, especially in the evenings where frost can be present.