It is difficult to tell the truth in Albania, especially in these times. An unprecedented case is happening. The State Health Inspectorate is requesting the closure of the RTV Ora broadcast signal.

One day after the unprecedented fine of 20 million ALL with the argument of the presence of no more than two people in the same TV studio, SHI takes another serious step by requesting the closure of the RTV Ora signal.

For the first time in 30 years, democracy is being asked to shut down a television station after two fines were arbitrarily imposed on Ora Television.

"There are two SHI fines of 20 million and a request for closure of the activity. I don't know with what will a prime minister will decide on the closure of a television station.

Is this the democracy we want to do? In many European countries, shows with more than 3 people have been made. When at one time the guests in the studio were more than 2 feet away.

They want to shut down television because people are allowed to talk in the studio. This is intentional.

The inspection was done only with photos, inspectors did not come to the television. You can't shut up because he'll talk. I am not closing the business but I am closing the free speech.

We have been honest in front of the viewers and the battle will continue ", emphasizes the director of information of RTV Ora, Brahim Shima.

The decision of the SHI was written with many mistakes and errors and RTV Ora does not stop here, the battle will appeal the decision.