An agreement signed between Tirana's Municipality and the Qatari Ambassador Ali Hamad Al Marri will enable the transformation of the 9-year school Jeronim De Rada to allow for more modern conditions for educational development.

The $1.3 million fund includes the complete reconstruction of the school as well as its equipment with labs and sports facilities.

Mayor Erion Veliaj said that the needs of Tirana are much higher than what the Municipality can afford, so the contribution of partners is necessary.

“In this project, our friends from Qatar have joined us to completely transform the reality of this school.

“We have had years of need for intervention in this school. We will add a new gym. We will do renovations inside and out. We will build a sports ground. We will turn this into a school where teaching is performed across only one shift,” explained Erion Veliaj.

But this will not be the only project that will be made possible through the Qatari Development Fund.

Ambassador Al Marri assured that the contribution will be available for other projects and that Qatar will always be by Albania's side.

The Jeronim De Rada School is one of the most popular educational institutions.

The investment that envisions the increase of capacities gives students the opportunity to take only one turn lessons.