For the first time, Prime Minister Edi Rama reacted to the protest of students, articulating the request for dialogue.

Via Facebook, the Head of the Government admired them for their will to protest, but at the same time asked them to have the same will for dialogue, as well. 

He promised that there will be a lot of things to say.

“Greetings to all the students today on the road. I wish you all to have the desire not only to protest, but also the will to dialogue.

“On the road you go out to ask for the attention of the decision-makers to address your concerns, but it should be noted that concerns are best addressed through dialogue with the decision-makers.

“I want them to know that I have a lot to give them, but I definitely want to hear them, face to face, without censorship for public opinion no leaders, no administrators and no professors.

“So, selected students from the protesters themselves, as they want and who they want, without any party or administrative filter may join me for such a discussion,” said Edi Rama.

Rama said that for five years the right to protest has been secured without any risk, while adding that this is proven today with such a student protest.

“The protest itself has guaranteed, as ever, the invulnerability of the status of citizenship,” added the Prime Minister. 

The Prime Minister said his job is to listen to and support the students in addressing their concerns.

“In short, it is an important right of the students to protest and once that must be protected.

“But my job is to hear and support them in addressing their concern, in any case.

“This office is mine, but the power of this office belongs to whoever wants to use it in service to the country, society and the future that our children of today deserve,” concluded Edi Rama.