In case the opposition chooses not to participate in the establishment of the new justice bodies, Prime Minister, Edi Rama has declared that the majority will not put the process on hold.  

Instead they will elect candidates to the open positions using only the majority's votes.  

At the year-end conference with journalists, the head of the government said that he, himself, is not afraid of justice.

Though he added, "a forest without pigs does not exist" implying that representatives of the Socialist Party may fall once the net of the justice reform is truly cast.

"We will establish the justice bodies with or without the assistance of the opposition" said Edi Rama.

Rama sees the opposition's action as a game with fire and as an attempt to block the opening of Albania's negotiations with the European Union.

"The opposition is playing with fire, actively working against opening negotiations for accession into the EU," said Edi Rama.

To elect the new Chief Prosecutor, Rama confirmed that he had called the Democratic Party Chairman, Lulzim Basha, but did not receive any response.

"I called Basha to discuss the Chief Prosecutor. He did not answer" said Edi Rama.

According the Head of the Government, Albania voted fairly in regards to the UN resolution on Jerusalem.  

Rama declared the attempt to claim it as a vote against the US by opposition members and the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, to be simply ridiculous.

"The vote at the UN became subject to nonsense, a ridiculous situation that embroiled even the President" said Edi Rama.

The prime minister determined the negotiations with Greece to be very important, and historic, because according to him, they will achieve the removal of the law on war.

"Negotiations with Greece are historic. We will remove the war law" said Edi Rama.

Rama spoke ironically of the SMI Chair, Monika Kryemadhi, making humorous references to her resemblance to other Albanian characters and personalities.