November 24 will mark the launch of a national purification operation for Albania, with the involvement of state police.

The head of the government, Edi Rama, when presenting this operation, spoke of a concerning environmental situation regarding waste landfill.

Regarding environmental permits, Rama said that 1 thousand were granted without respecting legal criteria.

"1 thousand environmental permits were released despite criteria for approval not being met.

"No monitoring of such permits has occurred and that is why, today, we have such a dramatic situation across the territory.

"Today, official figures state that an individual generates 400kg of waste per year, of which 40 kg are recycled and the rest? Who knows where it goes.

"9100 garbage dumps sites have been aerially photographed in Albanian territory. We must utilize all opportunities to be more dynamic with sustainable development." said Edi Rama.

The Minister of Environment and Tourism, Blendi Klosi, emphasized that clean-up campaigns will start with smaller municipalities and went on to guarantee that all environmental permits that have been issued will be reviewed by January 31.

The Clean Up Albania Operation will extend across the country and last for a period of six months.