Albania must deliver greater transparency in regards to funds used for public investment and alignment with the strategies depicted by the State Budget.

During the presentation of the study on public spending, Manager of World Bank Office in Albania, Maryam Salim, stated that improving the management techniques used for public money should be a top priority for our country.

"Strengthening management of public finances should be a priority for Albania.

"Achieving the best value from public funds is also the most effective way to improve basic services for citizens." said Salim.

The European Union has also made it very clear that the management of public funds is a key performance indicator for the membership assessment of potential candidates.

"This reform is important to accelerate the road to the European Union. Safe finance means more security for the future." said Mario Mariani, the Head of Co-operative at the European Delegation in Albania.

The World Bank report provides an updated diagnosis assessing expenditure of public funds and the situation regarding management of public funds at a national level.

The main areas that require more attention are monitoring of non-budget units, management of public investment, making the best links between sector strategies and budget, systematic monitoring of liabilities, fulfillment of external audit findings as well as greater accountability from the Parliament, as the one who bear this responsibility.