Despite the fact that the Law Commission approved 3 of the 7 candidates who applied for role of provisional Chief Prosecutor to be voted in parliament, the Socialist Party have changed the procedure for the election of the new head of the prosecution body.

The 3 candidates who received positive evaluations from the law commission will now are obliged to collect 28 nominations for MPs to be given the right to included

Given the Democratic Party's boycott of the process, and that fact that the 74 members of the Socialist Party can each choose only one candidate to nominate, this update to the process means that only two candidates have the potential to progress to the Assembly and receive votes for their appointment. 

Sources have told Ora News that the Socialist Party has determined a preferred candidate and will nominate as unified party, rather than each individual being allowed a conscience vote.

Given this information, it is expected that the political tactic will be used to ensure only one candidate is nominated to progress to be elected by the Assembly, likely with more than 71 signatures. 

When contacted by Ora News, members of the socialist party in the law commission, emphasized that the collection of signatures is an obligation derived from assembly regulations.

The same MPs confirmed that they have left the decision to the Socialist Party leadership on who will be named the new chief prosecutor.

The Law Commission, when making the decision that opened the procedure for the election of the Chief Prosecutor, said that to the assembly would be presented a report where all candidates would be ranked with concrete evaluations, while MPs would vote on the names that meet the legal and moral criteria.

Open the release of this information, the Socialist Movement for Integration Chairwoman, Monika Kryemadhi, immediately reacted, writing that today is the darkest day in the history of Albanian democracy.

"Edi Rama has placed his hands on the only institution that was not under his control" said Kryemadhi.

The Chairman of the SMI's Parliamentary Group, Petrit Vasili, says the Socialist Party has turned the Temporary Chief Prosecutor into another Soldier in the Prime Minister's army.