Medical centers were thrown into chaos yesterday, with the stressful situation resulting in many doctors threatening mass resignations.

Following to the recent flooding an unusual influx of patients have been flocking to seek medical help from regional hospitals.

Due toa malfunction in the referral system, significant numbers of patients were unnecessarily sent to Mother Theresa Hospital.

As the situation first arose, 13 doctors dealt with the first cases of various health problems and over the next 24 hours hundreds more arrived looking for assessment and care, with doctors warning that they would resign if the issue was addressed.

The hospital's administration said that work is now proceeding normally in the emergency, ensuring that the problem within the system is solved.

They added that patients and their family members should not blame doctors or raise doubts about their quality of work or commitment.

Instead they should be commended for their hard labor during an unserviceable influx.

"Doctors can not cope with such a level of multiple cases" said the patients' family members.

Witnesses attest that injections were being received by patients in chairs in corridors, adding that they think hospital capacities must be increased.

One citizen, who was attending the hospital with their family member stated: "You could see people receiving injections right their in the corridor!"

Following the public reaction, Emergency Chief, Edmond Zaimi, has confirmed that the doctors will not be departing from their duties and has pledged to improve the emergency services.