After 1997, when he visited Albania for the first time, former Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi said that the country has made great progress.

Commending Albanians for their collaborative efforts with the international community, the former Italian Prime Minister said the pace of integration in the European Union needs to be hastened.

"The steps towards integrations should be accelerated." stated Romano Prodi.

The head of the OSCE Presence in Albania, Berndt Borchardt, praised the role of the OSCE in Albania over the years, saying that our country has already made great steps forward.

"Only 20 years ago, Franz Vranitzky and the OSCE Presence came here to support the reconstruction of Albania.

"Today we are far from what was the situation of those days. Albania has progressed a long way ahead although, still, great challenges remain." said Berndt Borchardt.

The Austrian Ambassador in Albania, Johan Sattler borrowed two Albanian expressions to show the role of foreigners in our country, and the responsibility that Albanians themselves have to build their country.

"Shqiperia will be made by shqiptaret" said Johan Sattler.

The Dean of the University of Tirana praised the role of internationals in carrying out important reforms.

"The internationals must be commended for the key role they take in ensuring the success of reforms" said the Dean.

The OSCE Conference on the role of internationals in Albania's transition,  aims to stimulate further study in this area, bringing more contribution from academics and inspiring broader political debate.