Four MPs from the political party "Vetëvendosje" in Kosovo were found guilty by the Court of Prishtina today, of throwing tear gas into the Parliamentary Assembly during a plenary session in October 2015.

The MP Albin Kurti was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months imprisonment due to his involvement in the throwing of tear gas, as well as for the detention of an official during the performance of his duty.

For the MP Albulena Haxhiu, a sentence of one year and three months imprisonment was imposed, based on the applicable weight of the same charges.

Meanwhile, Donika Kadaj Bujupi was sentenced to 1 year and six months, and Faton Topalli with 1 year imprisonment.

However, all the aforementioned Kosovar MPs were provided with some level of leniency as their sentences were suspended for a period of two years.

This means that none of the MPs will actually perform their punishment, provided that, over the next two years, no further criminal offences are carried out by the Vetëvendosje MPs.

Media in Kosovo report that the decision regarding the Vetëvendosje MPs was announced in their absence, as none of the accused were present at today's session for the announcement of the decision.

According to the accusations by the Department for Serious Crimes in the Basic Prosecution of Prishtina, during the month of October 2015, MPs of the Vetëvendosje Party hindered the work of the legislature by using tear gas in the Assembly Hall.

The attacks were made by the Vetëvendosje's representatives on the grounds that their opinions contravened the agreement with Serbia and Montenegro regarding Kosovo's demarcation with its neighbours.