The Mitigation Package for the National Road made public by the Government on 22 June does not offer any provisions for the disabled.

Article 16 of the Disability Status Act excludes this category from the direct tax system, but setting a tariff automatically includes them.

This situation has created uncertainty among the 1800 disabled persons of the Kukës district. The Chair of the Association for Disabled Workers, Mustafë Lugja says they are automatically excluded, however further clarification is required.

"So far we do not have any kind of information. According to the law we should be excluded from this tax," said Lugja. 

In Kukës, invalids say they face a series of injustices.

They say the law does not apply to the point that it guarantees free transportation on urban public transport and half price in that of interurban.

Also, on the northeastern side of the city there are no designated parking spaces for the disabled. 

"The disability concession offers a half-price ticket from Kukës to Tirana, while within the district it is free of charge. I ask the Mayor of Kukës to apply this law. 

"There is also a need to designate specific parking spaces for vehicles of the disabled," said Mustafë Lugja. 

Travelling on the National Road will require payment of the tariff from September 17, while the mitigation package has foreseen reduced tariffs for residents of Kukës district, interurban transport buses and frequent users.