Resuming their protest again this morning, students once again rallied in front of the Prime Ministry today. They passed the cold night without heat and facing pressure to end the action.

At 10am the boulevard in front of the government building was full of students from all faculties.

They called for Parliament to convene an extraordinary session as they announced a national protest seeking citizens' support.

However, an immediate response was given by the chair of the Socialist Party's Parliamentary Group, Taulant Balla, who invited the students to dialogue.

“Parliament can convene tomorrow with the Prime Minister, and the students should sit down and close the Pact for the University starting with the adoption of their 8 points.

“I hope the students do this without wasting any more time and return home with the success of their protest, “said Taulant Balla.

The invitation for talks was also issued by the Head of the government, who again received the same answer.

The students' requests were also expressed by the lecturers.

Beside them was also the former Education Minister Taulant Muka who focused on the quality of teaching and academic titles.

Today, students gathered signatures for intellectual advisers who would guide them through the remainder of the protest and help with the resolutions for their demands.