The Municipality of Tirana and the Financial Supervisory Authority organized a festive lunch for the people in need frequenting the Social Center on the Boulevard "Zogu i Pare".

Mayor Erion Veliaj appealed to state institutions to cooperate with the municipality to be closer to those in need, especially during the holiday season.

"I call on all the institutions that have the opportunity, be they state or private companies, to be more philanthropic, to be more collaborative, to help with a meal.

"We will have a new year unprecedented for Tirana, full of solidarity." said Erion Veliaj

Veliaj also had a special wish for the employees serving in the social centers of the Municipality of Tirana.

"I have a wish for all those who serve in our social centers, those who deal with hygiene, transportation, logistics, and therapy.

"Much of the work in social centers is with street children, with some very difficult cases, with citizens who may have been violated.

"They may be women who have left their families from very difficult realities. To be a social worker is to perform the most difficult job in the municipality."


Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Authority, Ervin Koçi praised the work done by the Municipality of Tirana to support those in need and for the elderly.